Renewable Energy

The Middle East energy production sector is dominated by low priced fossil fuels that can present economic and environmental issues. Presently, the use of renewable energy is gaining political attention and many Middle Eastern countries are putting in place ambitious renewable targets, particularly in light of increased electrification and demand in the region.

ESK Law Firm is reputedly an energy-oriented firm, having over the years assisted and advised a vast number of clients in a variety of energy matters across the jurisdictions covered by our practice. The scope of the Firm´s role in the industry is extremely broad, covering both conventional power projects and renewable sources. Our clients include a wide variety of players within the energy markets, such as producers, traders, governments, grid operators, purchasers and lenders.

We advise companies, financial institutions and governments across the globe regarding a wide range of challenges across the whole spectrum of the energy and resources sector through a combination of pragmatic, commercial advice and innovative solutions.

In this section of the ESK International Law Firm case studies and Analysis , we discuss legal issues related to Renewable Energy Industry, contracts and agreements.