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ESK News

ESK News

ESK News:

1. ESK IP team won a significant lawsuit in the Appeal Court against Pishgaman Co. in a trademarks infringement case. The defendant had registered famous trademarks of Alitea and Alicafe in Iran and also won the Court of First Instance against the real Malaysian owner “PR Global”.

However, ESK lawyers working on PR Global’s behalf managed to turn the case around in the Appeal Court, proving that the PR Global is the true owner of the trademarks and it has been using the brands for many years by sell high-quality products all around the world.

Upon wining the case, ESK team applied for the certificates of the two trademarks and successfully renewed them in favor of the owner.

2. The Tehran International Book Fair, which once was canceled earlier in spring 2020 due to the pandemic, will go online from January 20 to 25, the organizers have announced. Books will be offered with a 20 percent discount and books will be delivered to all the various cities across the country for free while the virtual fair will be open around the clock.

ESK publication department will also attend the Book Fair by offering five of its latest books such as “How to Write a Good Contract” and “Covid-19 Pandemic: Legal and Contractual Aspects“.


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