International Trade Law


The international trade practice at ESK Law Firm offers an array of services designed to optimize our clients’ ability to engage in the cost-efficient and timely exchange of goods and services across borders, in full compliance with applicable laws and regulations. ESK is an expert in assisting companies in successfully complying with the vast Iranian laws and regulations for import and export transactions as well as supply chain security.

We are passionate about strategizing with clients to achieve successful results and optimism compliance Iranian government agencies. We represent global clients of all size, from individuals and small size enterprises, to all companies and range from manufacturers and customs brokers, to importers, exporters and much more.

Drawing on experts from across the firm, our lawyers deal with all the legal issues that arise in international trade. We advise shippers, owners, charterers, carriers, traders, financiers and other institutions involved in all areas of international trade across diverse and multiple jurisdictions. ESK is recognized for providing specialist advice and strategies to companies to assist them to compete in international markets.

if you’re looking to expand your horizons, our independence allows us to pursue whole-business relationships with leading foreign law firms with deep expertise in different cultural and business structures, so our clients know they will be getting the best advice, wherever they are.


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Our team is composed of highly skilled and versatile lawyers who combine practical experience and academic knowledge of their field. Most of our practitioners have worked in different professional environments, often outside their home jurisdiction.