Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution Mechanisms

Legal disputes can be costly and time-consuming and should be handled with the greatest attention to detail. Our experienced dispute specialists make sure that our clients’ cases are treated diligently and in line with their specific needs and requirements.

Having  many years of experience in arbitration and alternative dispute resolution, ESK Law Firm’s partners advise clients on arbitration and ADR clauses in agreements as well as conduct and appear at mediations and arbitrations.

ESK offers a team of seasoned and experienced attorneys who devote a significant part of their practice to serving as neutrals in arbitrations, mediations and other forms of alternate dispute resolution. Their years of experience as both neutrals and advocates in a broad range of commercial, construction and tort litigation matters, including complex federal cases, enables them to add significant value when parties turn to alternative dispute resolution.

Drawing on a history of more than one decade in the provision of services we have produced a team of formidable and respected lawyers who can handle the most intricate commercial cases. Our proficiency lies in our hard work and tenacity to get the job done no matter the obstacles. We have been known as one of top Arbitration law firms in Iran and the ‘Go to’ law firm for dispute resolution.

Our team is composed of highly skilled and versatile lawyers who combine practical experience and academic knowledge of their field. Most of our practitioners have worked in different professional environments, often outside their home jurisdiction.