Foreign Investment Law


Globalization is not just a word or a trend. At present, it is the surname of the economy. The ability to spot the best place to invest and to negotiate aggressively and sharply with local authorities is a must for the globetrotter-investors.

Lawyers at ESK have a unique experience in this area as they mainly advise foreign investors in the various jurisdictions where ESK is established. A deep knowledge of the legal framework of each country and a vast experience in representing foreign investors´ interests before the governments and local authorities, are part of ESK´s track record.

From highly and complex regulated markets, like the energy, finance and insurance markets, to agricultural and tourism projects, our team of lawyers has been providing for years top legal support to foreign investors.

With our expert knowledge of Iran’s regulatory framework and experience with foreign investment proposals across a wide range of industry sectors, we assist international clients with the management of their Iranian investments. We advise international clients about investing in Iran through different investment methods, such as direct investment, joint venture, buy-back, contractual schemes, etc.

ESK has successfully provided investment related services to many of the world’s leading enterprises in the chemical, auto, iron & steel industries and has assisted them clear the anti-trust examination made by supervising bodies.

ESK is expert in providing services to clients wishing to establish JVs, wholly foreign-owned enterprises, investment holding companies, startup companies, marketing and distributing companies, trade companies, bonded warehouses and representative offices in Iran. We also help our clients exit investment projects by means of equity or assets transfers or settlements.

Our lawyers provide clients with legal opinions about laws, regulations and policies concerning foreign investment; prepare feasibility studies for investment projects, assist with negotiations on JV or other forms of cooperation and finalize legal formalities necessary for establishing foreign-invested enterprises; and provide legal services for international clients engaging in M&A in Iran, such as investment due diligence, documentation preparation, negotiations, legal opinions and transaction finalizing.


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Our team is composed of highly skilled and versatile lawyers who combine practical experience and academic knowledge of their field. Most of our practitioners have worked in different professional environments, often outside their home jurisdiction.