Business Law


1. Why Do Companies Need Legal Advice?

Businessmen and trade companies are serious in competition with their rivals. Being successful in business, they have to use experienced lawyers in business law who can assist them in achieving their goals and preventing waste of time and money.


2. Advice on Contractual Affairs

One of the most important factors that causes failure in business is unconsciousness about rules, laws, contractual affairs, and legal strategy in litigation and arbitral jurisdictions. Therefore it’s vital for a company to have a legal team beside it in order to advise on signing contracts and other important points related to Business law.


ESK Law Firm provides some proceedings in this area:

  • Providing domestic and international contract services
  • Set the text of contracts with foreign parties
  • Writing international trade contracts to buy and sell industrial equipment
  • Attend meetings with foreign parties and assist with the contracts
  • Advise on any legal affairs in tenders
  • Accompany businessman in signing contracts with foreign parties

ESK Internationla Law Firm

Our team is composed of highly skilled and versatile lawyers who combine practical experience and academic knowledge of their field. Most of our practitioners have worked in different professional environments, often outside their home jurisdiction.

3. Legal Advice on Company Registration and Branding

Company registration and Branding cover a large area of legal activities and many law firms try to be active in this area. However, registration of international companies is complicated and without enough legal knowledge, a wrong process may be followed which may lead to heavy damages to businessmen and their partners.
ESK Law Firm has a variety of services in this regard, such as:

  •  Registration of company and structural changes
  •  Setting the articles of association for commercial companies
  •  Trademark registration
  •  Brand registration
  •  Industrial pattern registration
  •  Providing company registration services in foriegn countries
  •  Litigation, defense in court, and providing advice in conflict cases or abuse of trademarks
  •  Taking care of legal issues in case of breaching a trademark in other countries
  •  Legal advice and legal care in concern with the franchises and establish branches in other countries
  •  Advise on commercial activities and foreign trade
    One of the most common plans that commercial companies try to develop is to increase attendance in international markets. But still, one of the significant preconditions of performing this plan is acquainting with the rules of international business law.

ESK Law Firm’s partners advise clients on:


  •  Rules and regulations on import and export
  •  International investment rules
  •  Providing services to open LC for the payment process
  •  Maritime transportation rules
  •  Customs rules
  •  Accomplish foreign tax affairs by considering the rules of target country
  •  Banking and Monetary services in other countries
Business law firm in Iran

4. Advice on Company’s Domestic Law

Trade companies in large or small scales have many problems or challenges about staff, coworkers, and job contract’s conditions. having a professional legal team besides your company, you can use their experiences in corporate matters that prevent your future legal challenges and will save your money and time.
In relation to the company’s domestic law, ESK Law Firm provides advice on the below fields:


  •  Singing employment contract with domestic and foreign citizens
  •  writing temporary and permanent employment contracts
  •  writing Deployment for domestic and foreign contractors to implementation of commercial, industrial, and investment projects
  •  All services related to the managers’ civil responsibility
  •  Advice on company’s civil responsibility
  •  Providing advice and handle staff insurance and their rights and responsibilities
  •  Any affairs related to employees’ salary
  •  Representation in domestic and foreign lawsuits and arbitral courts in companys’ legal cases
  •  Participate in trade companys’ lawsuits in cases such as bankruptcy and dissolution
  •  Mediation in foreign trade companys’ conflicts
  •  Litigation in trade disputes
  •  Arbitration in international trade lawsuits
  •  Enforcement or objection to arbitrators’ awards on the international arena

ESK Law Firm and Business Law Services


ESK Law Firm is one of leading Business law firms in Iran. We advise clients on all aspects of business law including contract, sale of goods, consumer protection, trade practices, agency, advertising, partnerships, insurance and professional liability.