Banking and Financing


A comprehensive banking and finance law practice includes advice and representation not only with respect to lending and regulatory compliance, but also with respect to fiduciary activities, securitizations, payment systems, electronic banking, data security, and risk management. It also covers mergers, corporate organizational and ownership issues involving holding companies, banks, and other regulated entities.

Many years of successful experience in the field of banking and financial law allow ESK Law Firm to offer its clients the innovative solutions to extremely intricate legal problems and most effective options for elimination of legal risks during financial transactions. Our deep awareness of modern tendencies in the capital market, as well as understanding of specific expectations of our clients, allow us to develop individual approaches to solving the most sensitive issues in the field. Our lawyers, who enjoy a well-deserved reputation within the legal environment, contribute to the development of banking and financial legal acts.

Our team provides General and specialist advice to businesses, financiers, and individuals on a diverse range of corporate and commercial finance transactions. We have experience in banking, finance, and securities law, including transactional work for banks and financial institutions and advice and guidance regarding regulatory requirements.

Our team is composed of highly skilled and versatile lawyers who combine practical experience and academic knowledge of their field. Most of our practitioners have worked in different professional environments, often outside their home jurisdiction.