Project Finance


Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) and other project financed transactions have in recent years considerably increased private sector´s participation in major infrastructure projects. PPPs bring unique challenges related to the need to allocate and balance the risks between the public and private sectors; financing based on the project´s expected revenue streams; and the different private sectors interests involved. All this results in PPP structures that are complex to negotiate, set up and operate.

ESK Law Firm is recognized as a reputable firm in the field of project finance. Our team is renowned for its expertise in limited recourse financings in all sectors, including energy and resources, utilities and infrastructure. Our team brings an integrated and creative approach to the structuring of projects, and has extensive experience of a wide range of financing techniques, including being at the forefront of the development of the project bonds market in Iran.

ESK has a long history representing various participants in the development and financing of capital-intensive projects throughout the world. With our industry experience, global reach and local understanding, we can provide comprehensive legal support in structuring energy and infrastructure financings of any nature.

Over the years, ESK lawyers have represented all types of participants in project finance transactions, from borrowers and sponsors to commercial banks, institutional lenders, insurance companies, underwriters, credit enhancers and hedge providers.

Our lawyers have significant experience working for or with multilateral development organizations, export credit agencies, regional development banks and other government-owned financing parties. As a result, our lawyers are fully familiar with all of the inter-creditor issues that may arise in multi-tranche financings.


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Our team is composed of highly skilled and versatile lawyers who combine practical experience and academic knowledge of their field. Most of our practitioners have worked in different professional environments, often outside their home jurisdiction.