ESK Law Firm’s Publications


ESK International Law Firm is one of the leading law firms in the Middle East. This law firm, which specializes in legal publications, has published over 20 books on various areas of international trade and investment law, as well as current issues such as the legal challenges of the Corona outbreak. ESK also has numerous valuable and useful articles in various fields of business and investment.

One of the innovations of ESK Publications is the publication of a monthly newsletter with practical and less used topics in the field of international trade and investment in Iran and other countries. These monthly newsletters , all based on practical experiences gained at home and abroad and with domestic and foreign companies, answer many questions that contain complex, practical and applied aspects.

ESK law firm Publications has three sections: books, articles and newsletter as follows:



The book section contains over twenty books in various fields of international trade and investment, as well as other practical topics that have been written in this field over the years of practical experience . These books, which are often the result of the practical experiences of our various teams, provide a clear perspective on international trade and investment in Iran and other countries where the office operates.



Newsletters are written monthly from 2017 to 2019 in English and with practical topics related to foreign investment and international trade in Iran. The contents of the news magazines are taken from the daily activities of the ESK law Firm team.