Doing Business in Iran (Persian Edition)

Doing Business in Iran (persian edition)

Doing Business in Iran (persian edition)


Doing Business in Iran 

Persian Edition

Doing Business in Iran (Persian Edition)

ESK interesting guidebook “Doing Business in Iran” is originally written in English. However, its Persian version is also prepared to help Iranian entities in their daily relationships with foreign companies.

You may study the table of content of book:


1. Introduction

Geographical Location and Population

Economic Environment

Investment and Business Opportunities

Political System


Business Hours / Time Zone

Iranian Public Holidays 2017

Country Background at a Glance

2. Foreign Investment in Iran

Methods of Foreign Investment

3. Iran’s Special Economic & Free Trade Zones

Free Trade Industrial Zones

Special Economic Zones

4. Establishing a Legal Presence in Iran

Incorporating a Local Entity

Branches and Representative Offices of Foreign Companies

5. Taxation: A Review of the Iranian Tax System

Tax Bases and Rates

Taxation of Foreign Investors in Iran

6. Labour Law: Employment of Foreign Nationals in Iran

Employment of Foreign Citizens According to FIPPA

Issuing Work Permit outside FIPPA Framework

Validity Period of Work Permit

Extension of Work Permits

Renewal of Work Permits

Legal Punishments for Employment of Foreign Nationals without Work Permits

Fees to Be Paid For Issue and Extension of Work Permit

Unique Advantage for Foreign Investors Employing Labour Force in Iran

7. Iranian Intellectual Property Law

Trade Mark


8. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Foreign Investment

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