Iranian Foreign Ministry: JCPOA Close to Revival

import of cars

import of cars

Iranian Foreign Ministry: JCPOA Close to Revival


Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman said that “A lot of texts have been prepared and the parts that have not been completed have a definite status that clearly shows the differences between the parties”

He added that the violator of the deal has to provide necessary guarantees to keep the agreement in the future.

Iran also demanded lifting of all sanctions from the very first day of negotiations and declared that it will resume its commitments only after verification of other party’s promises.

Some unresolved issues remain, but what is important is that the weight of resolved issues far outweighs the unresolved issues, he explained.

“We have come a long way, but this will not be an easy path. We hope that the other parties will be able to make their own decisions, in which case we too can reach an agreement that will be to everyone’s liking,” he added.

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