Conditional Import of Cars Resumes

import of cars

import of cars

Conditional Import of Cars Resumes


With the new decision of the Iran parliament, the import of cars will be allowed again after about three years and the way will be opened for foreign cars to enter the country.

Under the new law, any natural or legal person can import an all-electric or hybrid car in exchange for the export of a car or car parts or other goods or services related to various propulsion industries, or through imports without currency transfer, or Import gasoline or gas-burning car with energy label B and higher or with a safety index of three stars or higher based on valid standard certificates.

Some believe that due to the high price of foreign currency in the Iranian market and the limited import of foreign cars, the market price of cars will not decrease

On the other hand, it is certainly commendable that the legislator has come to the conclusion that there should be imports to balance the car market, but this solution must be done with the right logic so that everyone benefits from this sector and any monopoly in this sector is broken.

Import of Cars

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