New Rules for Supplying Cryptominers Electricity



New Rules for Supplying Cryptominers Electricity Generated from Renewable Power Plants


Problems related to the lack of electricity and gas in the country have always led to protests by cryptocurrencies. However, efforts are being made by the authorities to reduce these restrictions. Recently, the Ministry of Energy issued a communiqué on the regulation of cryptominers power supply through renewable sources, which seems to be able to partially solve the problems of the legal miners.

According to the regulations announced by the Deputy Minister of Energy in the field of electricity and energy, cryptocurrency mining centers can now sign bilateral contracts with renewable power plants. Accordingly, the Ministry of Energy will no longer be involved in pricing, and a bilateral agreement will be reached between the power plant owner and the holder of the cryptocurrency mining center.

Mining cryptocurrency is legal in Iran and miners can operate under government rules. They must have a license from the Ministry of Industries and pay their electricity bills based on power export tariffs.


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