Yearbook 2017

Year Book 2017

Year Book 2017


Yearbook 2017

Investing in a foreign country is always a challenge. “Year Book of Doing Business in Iran 2017” intends to reduce the challenges by way of explaining not only the legal system and key legislation but also the differences in culture that exist. Further, it seeks to stress elements that are of particular importance when choosing a local partner so as to ensure that proper agreements are drafted that cover not only the duration of the cooperation, but also any potential exit from the market as well as implementing a procedure for dispute resolution. It is a collection of monthly newsletters published by ESK Law Firm teams.

You may like to see the Table of Content this book:


1. What you need to know before investing in Iran

2. Some Legal Requirements for Investing in industries of Iran
(3 Chapters)

3. Trademark in Iran

4. Guarantee Instruments in Iran

5. Establishing an Agency in Iran

6. Social Security Insurance in Iran Establishing an Agency in Iran

7. Employment of Foreign Nationals in Iran

8. Local Content Requirement under the Laws of Iran

9. Free Trade Zones and Special Economic Zones in Iran

10. Export and Import in Iran: Rules and Procedures

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