Yearbook 2018

Year Book 2018

Year Book 2018


Yearbook 2018

The “Yearbook 2018” reflects the most important and practical subjects which are necessary for doing business in Iran and Oman. It is a collection of monthly newsletters published by ESK Law Firm teams during 2018.

You may see the Table of Content this book:

1. Contracts’ Requirements under the laws of Iran

2. How to Choose a Company Name in Iran

3. Opening a Bank Account in Iran

4. Debt Collection in Iran

5. Joint Venture under Iranian Law

6. Oman: An Untapped Market

7. Oman: Vision 2020, Tender, Labor Force (2 Chapters)

8. Oman: A Brief Look into Economic Status, Business Environment, and Business Entities

9. Iran Sanctions

10. Iran and Its Untold Opportunities (2 Chapters)

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