Yearbook 2019

Yearbook 2019

Yearbook 2019


Yearbook 2019

The “Yearbook 2019” reflects the most interesting and practical subjects which are necessary for doing business in Iran. It is a collection of monthly newsletters published by ESK Law Firm teams during 2019.

You may study the table of content of book:

1. Force Majeure under Iranian Law

2. Litigation in Iran

3. Branch Office under Iranian Law

4. Cryptocurrencies under Iranian Law

5. Foreign Investment in Tehran Stock Exchange (TSE)

6. Risks of Doing Business in Iran and Solutions

7. Importation and Distribution of Medicines in Iran

8. Non-pecuniary Damages Caused by Breach of Contracts under Iranian Law

9. Corporate Social Responsibility According to Iran’s Law System

10. Apply for Renewable Energy Projects in Iran

11. Foreign Currency Exchange Rates in Iran

12. Role of Administrative Justice Court in Foreign Investments in Iran

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